Wednesday, 24 March 2010


No More Heroes will close to submissions on JUNE 15th.

Bill and I have been plotting and scheming in our secret volcano base and we've come up with diabolical plans to turn No More Heroes into a TRILOGY! Yes, like Indiana Jones, or Alien, or Star Wars. Yes, just like those ;)

But we can only do that if we get a decent response to this first one. Early signs are promising, so keep it up, folks! We're seeing a nice mix of styles, too. If you have an idea but you're not sure if it's what we're looking for, don't be shy about querying. We're nice chaps.

edit: regarding multiple subs...we'll send out rejections and acceptances after the deadline, but if you sub something and we either like it but think it needs a rejig, or we've seen too many similiar styles of story and want to offer you the chance to send something else, we'll let you know before the deadline.

And that's HOW for NOW.

Wayne xxx


  1. Hey Rev,
    Do we - I - have to use American spelling or can I stick with my Brit-ways?

  2. Hello martha!

    Personally, I love to see it when a publisher sticks with English English ;) but I believe we'll be publishing this in American English :D don't worry about writing it with American spellings though - we can easily sort that out in the edit, if it gets accepted :)

    Rev xxx