Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Hey kids,

Every story we've received so far has been different to each other, so no duplicate ideas, which is ace, but *I* would like to see more stories that take into account the villains discovering there are still heroes left and also take into account how normal people and the governments of the world are reacting to the aftermath of the Cataclysm.

I won't comment on any of the stories received so far, but I will say stories that don't really reference the Cataclysm are fine, of course, but it would really put you in my good books if you can make me feel like our world really is in the grip of supervillains and everybody's struggling to cope.

Just over a month left 'til deadline, so get cracking you nutters! Woop!

Oh yeah and please please follow the guidelines for submission format. Thanks!

Wayne x

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