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a ragtag collection of criminals and mutants!

Dr. Pustual
A genius and expert at weapons engineering, and also the self-proclaimed leader of the remaining Leaguers. A freak accident in his dental surgery left him both physically scarred and mad for world revenge! He uses tools such as the pulse-sonic drill, whiting wand, barbed floss lasso, stinging water rinse, and the numb gun.

With the head and arms of a man and the torso and legs of a goat, Vivian Dunkard of Manchester, England, is a genetic mutant who is fast and furious, with a rambling insane wit and the ability to run circles around his opponents. Watch out for his head-butts and the swift kicks of his feet!

The Reverend
Blind from birth this man from Cape Town, South Africa, has the ability to look into souls and seek out any corrupting influence that resides in people. Through his intense charisma and dogmatic manipulation he can cause even the holiest to sink to their lowest levels.

Napalm Chicken
After falling into an a vat of boiling water containing experimental growth hormone-injected chickens, Denver Gladstone’s genetics were fused with that of the fowls. After recovering from his burns in his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he began to grow feathers over his skin and a beak over his mouth. Now unable to be harmed by heat or fire he can shoot both from his mouth like a flamethrower.

Cookie Crumbler
Cornelius Sweet of Toronto, Canada, is a man obsessed by cookies to the point of madness; no matter how much he eats them his hyper-metabolic rate keeps him thin and wiry. He uses cookies in all manner of ways to create mischief and mayhem!

Black Empty
A shadow man from a negative-light dimension, he can envelop his opponents with his body causing them to relive their greatest fears, resulting in chilling, deadly ends.

Swivel Hips
A beauty with an hourglass figure, Saskia Ormond of Toulouse, France, has enhanced flexibility, agility, and dexterity with Olympic-level acrobatic skills. Using her feminine wiles, she is quick to capture the attention of men in her pursuit of money and thrills.

Disco Fred
A man who was literally stuck in a 1970s time-warp, Fred Ball, formerly of New York City, New York, was finally released only to find himself unable to cope with the new world he found himself in. Gaining the power of rapid spastic body movements he can shoot beams of colored lights or white strobes from his eyes as well as scream a volley of pulsating sounds at his victims.

Don’t be swayed by his cool demeanor and attitude! This man from Oslo, Norway, can instill panic, anxiety, and fear in anyone with his mind. From a single individual to mobs of people he knows how to cause a crisis that is sure to lead to bodily harm without having to physically touch anyone.

Winged Mantis
An alien from a far away galaxy, he has a strong powerful body similar to a giant preying mantis coupled with large wings like a bat. He is highly intelligent and has the ability to communicate with all forms of insects. Though unable to speak in the human language he can relay his thoughts to people telepathically.

Slow Goth
As a teenager taunted and teased for his weight, Nicholas Harvey of Columbus, Ohio, finally snapped. Drinking a concoction of poisonous liquids he found in the family garage to end it all, he instead woke up physically altered. His hair and eyes are now black as night and his skin is white and translucent. He found that he is able to siphon off the physical and mental energies of others making them lethargic and sick whilst making himself feel powerful and fearless.

Karen Dawes of Seattle, Washington, was a librarian who sought revenge on a duplicitous lover by using an ancient spell book she'd discovered. The spell worked, but it also gave her the power to stretch and elongate any part of her body! She also discovered that if any part of her body is cut off or damaged, including her head, it can repair and grow back over a short period of time.

Hot Possum
Blamed for a murder she didn’t commit, Pamela Patterson of Tampa, Florida escaped to South America to live a life of freedom, but it was not meant to be. After being exposed to a space meteorite and then bitten by a possum her body morphed into a humanoid possum. Now she must sleep and store up energy in the daylight, but when the world darkens she comes alive with power! She can see in total darkness, has great strength, endurance, and stamina. She can also generate an intense heat from her body.

The Purple Wiccan
A witch who claims to be immortal, she uses various books potions, and magical objects to do her bidding. Though not innately evil she puts animal life over that of humans - who she sees as a blight on the world. Prone to whims and pranks she likes to toy with humankind to see how they will respond to her magic tricks.

Kaos Boy
As a young boy Ybabhooo was ousted from his mystical homeland of Ohadi. He promised revenge on all those who scorned him simply because he stood up to the evil King Hsub. Whilst on a quest he fell through a portal that was opened by accident by the Purple Wiccan, and found himself in our world. Once here he discovered he had the power to disrupt or cause a chaotic response to any force put upon him, using only his mind. The Purple Wiccan took him on as an apprentice in a bid to help him learn how to use his powers.

Father Scribe
With strokes of his enchanted pen on an ancient tablet this man from Hanau, Germany, can bring powerful mythological creatures and fictional monsters to life! The larger and stronger the creature the shorter the duration they can exist. Once they disappear they are also erased from the tablet.

Lady Bacon
Like the fictional Pied Piper she is able to control the minds of others and have them follow her commands. Helena Cartwright from London, England, was born with a pheromone that she can release from her body to trigger a response in anyone who genuinely likes the flavor and smell of bacon! The pheromone, though it can linger for some time, still eventually dissipates and she must rest in-between each release.

The true nature of this creature is still yet unknown. Standing over seven feet tall, but with a gaunt, slim frame, he has great strength, endurance, stamina and is seemingly invulnerable. A mute, he only grunts or snarls and is a fierce fighter using nothing but his bare hands.

Lord Astral
A banished ruler from a planet in another galaxy, this reptilian humanoid has great strength, a thick metal-scaled skin, sharp teeth, and clawed hands and feet. His wish is to return home to regain his throne, but the technology he needs for a ship does not exist on our planet. Seeking refuge from the governments of Earth, he assists Dr. Pustual with his scientific endeavors.

The Terror Twins
Lara and Lucia Marron from El Paso, Texas, are twins who were fused together at birth due to a gypsy curse placed upon the doctor who delivered them! These two girls have grown up with two heads sharing one body, and they have two pairs of arms, but only one pair of legs. Their combined height and weight make them incredibly strong and powerful as their anger is fueled by a world that ridicules them.

Hell Hound
A refined country gentleman who is cursed with the duties of collecting innocent souls for demonic forces, Edward Barrington, III of Vidalia, Georgia, can transform himself into a wild black-furred creature with fiery red eyes, a dog-like snout, and great strength and speed. In human form he can commune with the demons that cursed him and visit their dimensional world in a phantom state. To avoid his own eternal damnation he must deliver 1000 pure souls. It is only with the help of alcohol that he finds the courage to do his duties. He enjoys the rush of power when transformed, but is plagued by guilt over his actions.

Toxic Bomber
Bridget Lockmer of Belfast, Ireland, was once a brilliant, but naive scientist who looked to solve the world’s hunger problems. But when her husband and children were killed in a terrorist attack she became unhinged from reality by the pain, grief, and anger she suffered from her loss, and gave up on her beliefs of a just and safe world. She decided to use her scientific knowledge to create checmical weapons, in order to make the world feel her pain.

Madame Shambino
A practitioner of voodoo, she was driven out of her home in the swamps of Louisiana due to her beliefs by the townsfolk, after years of abuse and turmoil. She got her revenge by killing everyone in her small town with poison, then moved on with her servant Shuffler, never looking back. She is able to control minds with her magic for brief periods and see through the eyes of those she controls. She has great knowledge of plant life and its medicinal uses.

Brought to life by Madame Shambino from clay, straw, and human bones this creature is slow moving, but strong. He protects his mistress and does her bidding. Unable to speak he understands English and communicates with simple gestures and signs.

Gypsy Girl
Over three hundred years in age, this woman has been able to keep her youthful appearance by feeding off the life force of young girls every 10 to 15 years! She can mimic the form and voice of anyone she has ever physically touched and has become quite adept at using her abilities so as to continue a life of crime.

Misfit Boy
The mutant progeny of carnival sideshow freaks, Davey Natter’s parents were killed when he was a young child and he was enslaved by the carnival’s owner. Though not evil he has great anger and a fear of abandonment, and hates how the “normal” people stare at him. Standing at a maximum height of three and a half feet, he has great strength for his size and is an expert at tumbling and rolling. His entire body is covered with a thick matted fur.

Logan Kyle of Pasadena, California, sought fame and fortune by any means and hoped to get his big break by his daring attitude and outrageously obnoxious personality! In a freak accident in which he lit his body on fire to reenact a stunt he saw on TV, he was doused with a chemical mixture then jumped in a pool. Although he survived, he was now hideously deformed, and knew he would never get what he wanted so he settled for a life of crime. His body and face are a twisted mess of scorched rough skin, that is immune to heat and fire and gives him enhanced strength and protection.

Rabid Fox
Through mystical means a large red fox was given human intelligence, the ability to speak, and an increased life expectancy so as to be his master’s familiar. Tucked away for many years in the European countryside he lived a secluded life until his master died. Going out into the world he soon learned how different he was, but used his natural animal instincts and abilities along with his human qualities to survive. A ferocious combatant he is not afraid to start a fight but is smart enough to know when to retreat!

Dark Fairy
A dark-skinned, small pixie-like female creature who was banished from her home world because of her mental instability. Sent through time, space, and dimensions she ended up on Earth. She soon gained the attention of villains who offered a community that accepted her despite her off-kilter behavior. She has wings that allow her to fly, can release an enchanted cloud from her hands that can cause temporary paralysis in others, and turn her body into an intangible form.

Juan Rodrigo from San Juan, Puerto Rico, was bombarded with cosmic rays whilst out camping as a teenager, giving him the power of the very next thing he touched. Unfortunately, this happened to be a patch of poison ivy! Given the ability to cause itching, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, and a burning sensation on any person that he comes into contact with, this has stopped him getting physically close to others. He channels his frustration and anger into a life of crime, thinking that great wealth will make him happy.

Riku Tokushima was born in Osaka, Japan, with an innate ability to meld with inorganic material on an atomic level. He can use this ability to ‘pass through’ solid objects (and likewise, allow objects to pass through him). He can also disrupt inorganic material by touch, causing its atoms to ‘grind’ against each other, subsequently atomizing it into a fine dust. Initially a hero, Grinder accidentally destroyed an orphanage whilst battling an elemental villain named Landslide. The constant recriminations from others in the hero community wore away at his self-belief until he snapped, and went rogue. Now he aids the remaining Leaguers in a demented plan to prove himself capable of using his powers to the best of his ability.

Abdullah Duponte of Lagos, Nigeria, was the partner of the villain known as the Bushman in both crime and life. His powers were passed down from his grandfather after it’d skipped several generations. He is able to communicate with and briefly control the spirits of the dead who have not passed on. When he makes eye contact with living creatures he can briefly induce a catatonic state in those caught in his gaze! As he is not attracted to woman he may very well be the last of his line with his powers. After the Bushman was killed in The Cataclysm he took over control of the fearsome Crocodator.

This reptilian creature is part crocodile and part alligator and was the pet and companion of the villain known as the Bushman. It has the natural abilities of both animals, but multiplied five-fold, and can understand human speech. It is a vicious fighter, whose dangerous nature is commanded and reined-in by a collar controlled by Morto.

Evil Penguin
The being named Shatouno comes from a parallel universe in which penguins are the dominant species on Earth. A renegade scientist, he flew into space desperate to find the life equation of the Great Creator. However, he lost control of his ship during a cosmic storm, and crash-landed near Vladivostok, Russia! He was captured and imprisoned by the government to be used for scientific experiments. Angered and confused because he had never seen humans before, he barely escaped with his life. Seeking out other penguins he soon learned that there was no-one else like him and he was obviously not on his own planet. Feeling trapped and alone he blamed the Great Creator for leaving him to this fate. Soon his existence became world news and various groups started to hunt him down. He came to develop a sever dislike for humans until a group of villains approached him and offered sanctuary if he would join them. Realising these humans were different to the others he’d previously encountered, he agreed and has been working with them ever since. He has the form and natural abilities of an emperor penguin. He can swim at great speeds and is immune to the cold. He understands and speaks English. He is a brilliant strategist who is able to access situations quickly and to make hard decisions without allowing his emotions to get in the way. He wears a jetpack of his own design that allows him to fly.

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