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the steadfast remains of the world's superhero community!

St. North
A millionaire thrill seeker, Simon North of Denver, Colorado, turned his life around after almost dying in the mountains of Nepal. If it was not for a silver amulet he found in the snow cave he fell into he believes he would have perished. Once Simon placed the silver amulet around his neck it fused to his skin permanently, granting him super strength, endurance, invulnerability against all forms of cold, and the ability to fly. He also has the ability to generate cold and snow in all forms with his hands, and blow up to blizzard-force winds with his breath. Believing that it was only divine intervention that saved him Simon now devotes his life to helping others and spreading his belief in miracles, as well as leading the Last Protectors.

Natalie Enson of Glasgow, Scotland was a young woman working as a museum restorer, when she opened a recent acquisition of an anonymously-donated small Grecian urn. Upon lifting the lid off the urn her body was enveloped by a sparkling gas that turned her skin a permanent golden color! Natalie soon learned the gas had given her special abilities: super strength, speed, reflexes, invulnerability and the ability to create energy wings at will, allowing her to fly. She decided to use her powers as a protector of Earth, and is a brave warrior.

He is a mutant among his own race of underwater dwellers, who live in an ancient city deep beneath the Pacific Ocean! Acting as his peoples’ protector he decided to come to the surface world to learn about its customs and society. It wasn't long before he met and befriended the existing superhero community, and now splits his time between the sea and land, reasoning that protecting both will help all. He is an amphibious humanoid that can breathe and survive on land and underwater. He has the natural enhanced strength and density of his people that allows him to survive the pressures and depths of the oceans. He can swim at super speeds and see in the ocean’s darkest depths. He also has a chameleon-like ability that allows him to change the colors of his body to blend into any background.

Best Man
Once a famous rock star who lived a hard, fast life, Roberto Diaz of Beverly Hills, California, suffered an overdose and was technically dead for a few moments. Luckily, the doctors managed to bring him back to life, but Roberto was a changed man! Feeling that he was touched by the hand of fate and given a second chance, he sought out and studied with a swami in India for a number of years. The swami treated Roberto like a son, as he taught him the ways of enlightenment and spiritual growth. When the swami suddenly died Roberto relapsed into his old ways and spent the night drinking, and falling into a deep depression. In a haze the spirit of the swami appeared and promised to help Roberto become the best he could be. The swami’s spirit then entered the young man’s body and caused him to black-out. In the morning it was clear to Roberto that he was different; better. He felt the presence of the swami inside him and realized he had been granted new abilities which could be used to protect humankind: telepathy (including the power of suggestion), telekinesis, precognition, teleportation, and the ability to see and communicate with the dead.

Farmer & Agrow Boy
When the Jenkins family of Topeka, Kansas, refused to sell their large family farm to a farming conglomerate, the company took steps to poison the land with an experimental plant food. After unknowingly ingesting the unstable chemical, Frank Jenkins, his wife Matilda, and their son Harry were hospitalized. Matilda and Harry survived, and upon leaving the hospital they discovered the chemical had bonded with their DNA, granting them unexpected powers. Vowing to avenge the death of their husband and father, Matilda and Harry work to protect the world from corporate greed and injustice under the names of Farmer and Agrow Boy. Farmer has the ability to communicate with, control, enlarge and grow at great speeds all forms of plant life, whereas Agrow Boy can absorb ambient chlorophyll from plants, giving his body great strength, density, and endurance. He is able to grow to a height of 12 feet or shrink to 6 inches, retaining his great strength.

Miranda Mirur of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a brilliant scientist who was studying water samples collected from the planet Mars. In a freak lab accident she suffered cuts and was infected by the microbiological organisms within the sample. Immediately her body began to transform as the alien life forms fused with her on a genetic level! Her body changed into a crystalline humanoid form with its own special abilities; she has incredible strength and invulnerability. Her body shines and reflects like a mirror, allowing her to refract light, and to reflect any force put upon her. She no longer has human senses due to the lack of facial features. She communicates by vibrating her body to a pitch that creates a 'voice', and her reflective body allows her to “see” in any direction. Her body also absorbs sound and translates its meaning to her via vibration at a specific frequency. Technically no longer human, she has embraced her new role as a superhero and remains ever vigilant against evil.

The Canadian
John Redclaw, an Inuit born in the upper regions of Canada with mutant abilities, became one of the country’s national heroes while still trying to hide his identity and live a normal life. Only a few superheroes and his family know the truth about who he is. He has the ability to fly, to survive in outer space and has enhanced strength and endurance. He can discharge bolts of electrical energy from his hands and create an energy staff to use in physical battle.

Blue Mouse
This light-blue skinned, two foot tall humanoid rodent is the last survivor from his home planet, whose spacecraft crash-landed on Earth. Having been in suspended animation for over two hundred years it took him some time to adjust to Earth and its people. He has the natural ability to absorb knowledge and information, including language, through physical touch with any living creature. He is a nimble fighter who is stronger than he appears, with retractable claws on his hands and feet and sharp teeth. His senses of hearing, smell, sight, and taste are all higher than those of humans and he can also sense impending danger!

Wonder Pigeon
This creature comes from an inter-dimensional cartoon world in which there are no humans, but is instead populated by a world of anthropomorphic creatures and beings. He was cast out from his world by a dark magic spell and has no idea how to return home. Standing at seven feet tall this Technicolor pigeon talks and thinks like humans and is quite fascinated by what he sees as their silly ways! He has all the natural abilities of a pigeon, but on a much larger scale. He is an excellent tracker, with the ability to mentally communicate with avian life forms, and to screech out a powerful sonic cry.

Zombie Girl
Sarah Jones from Phoenix, Arizona was an ordinary teenage girl who was killed by a drunk driver, only to be resurrected after her father traded his soul to a demon to bring her back to life. Once the father realized how foolish this was for his daughter because she began to rot, he begged the demon for further help. Already owning the man's soul, the demon offered to give Jenny special abilities if the father was willing to sacrifice his life for hers. The father agreed without even having the chance to say goodbye to his daughter. Distraught at the loss of her father, and at her frightening appearance, Jenny sought out others who were outcasts. Her dead body does not grow, change or decompose due to a protective skin that has bonded over her flesh. She has no need for sleep, food, or water and is not affected by heat or cold and never tires. She can see in bright light or total darkness. Though strong her reflexes are slow. She is immune to magic forces.

Dreaming/Neon Black
Daniel Gallows of St. Paul, Minnesota, is a true split-personality, harboring a side that is gentle and cerebral and another that is aggressive and physical. He does not know how he came to possess the powers that he has, simply stating he “just woke up one day and they were there.” During the daylight hours and exposed to the sun Daniel has the powers of Dreaming that include the ability to make others sleepy and lethargic, to transform his body into a grey cloud of smoke and to induce others to day-dream, making them unable to focus. In the darkness of night he switches to Neon Black in which his body turns into a humanoid being of pure light, with which he can fly at great speeds and use as a source of intense light and heat. He also shoots bolts of dark matter that pack a powerful punch of cold energy. Though Daniel cannot communicate between his two personalities each is aware of what the other is doing and experiencing.

Moon Druid
He is a man who claims to be an ancient immortal druid! He wields an unbreakable shining sword with deadly accuracy, and his dark cloak allows him to turn invisible. In the moonlight he can magically change into the shape of a large wolf.

Created by Dr. Pustual in an early attempt at having a servant to do his bidding, this creature was put together from a mishmash of parts taken from a junkyard, together with a brain the doctor had removed from one of his former patients: a Mensa member named Walter Rothberg from Clarksburg, West Virginia. Unfortunately, during the operation a power surge occurred and caused the magnets in the machinery to fuse man and metal into a living creature! Physically strong due to the parts that make him up, Junkenstein has various weapons as a part of his body and is always trying to develop new ones. After escaping from Dr. Pustual he wanted to work with the good guys.

A humanoid creature made of stone and rock minerals from deep inside the Earth, his slumber was disrupted during an earthquake and he found himself on the surface for the first time. Curious about humans he decided to live topside and was soon recruited by heroes to help protect the planet. It took many years, but he learned English and continued to study Earth’s history and cultures. Super strong with great invulnerability he moves faster than expected. He claims to be able to communicate with rocks and stones divining information and feeling an emotional connection with them!

JJ Brownlee
This flame-haired beauty from Lexington, Kentucky, was a writer and illustrator of children’s books whose life was saved by the humanoid creature B’hall. They soon became fast friends as she was drawn to his gentle nature and child-like curiosity. Their friendship blossomed into a great affection and emotional love despite their physical differences. One day she was kidnapped by a villain named Repel who planned to make her his bride. He had infused JJ with his blood hoping to bond them together forever! B’hall and a group of heroes stormed Repel’s castle fortress to rescue JJ. In the battle Repel was killed and JJ was found lying on a table, dead. Taking swift action a heroine named Sizzler used her electrical powers to ‘shock’ JJ back to life. After returning to full health JJ soon discovered that Repel’s blood and Sizzler’s electricity had given her powers of her own: she now has the power of magnetic control! She can repel, attract, and manipulate metal through her hands, which also allows her to fly. Not happy about her powers she had no desire to become a costumed superhero. Her reluctance put a strain on her relationship with B’hall, but she promised to stay by his side. After The Cataclysm occurred JJ decided to join the Last Protectors with B’hall and help to protect humanity, but she refuses to wear a costume or take a codename.

Stand-Up Guy
Sanjay Patel of New York City, New York, is the masked hero known as Stand-Up Guy. A commercial actor and quick-witted comedian, he’s not afraid to laugh in the face of danger. An above-average athlete, he was born with the mutant ability to leap and bounce with frog-like dexterity and agility and he uses joke-related tools and devices in his fight against crime!

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