Sunday, 7 March 2010


individuals whose exact nature and allegiance are known only to them!

ESBer Man
A mild mannered horror writer from Bethesda, Maryland, who uses the pseudonym 'Ezra Braun', he was born with what he calls extra sensory baseline. He has the ability to perceive and sense what others are experiencing through their senses and then manipulate and change those sensations in others with his mind, thus changing reality!

An eco-activist who planned on bringing down a chemical plant with a homemade bomb, Patrick Wombler of Caliente, Nevada, got caught in the blast and was exposed to radioactive materials! He found himself changed into a small furry creature with a pointed nose, sharp claws, and a mean disposition. Still a fanatic about environmental issues he collects and recycles anything to make weapons to continue his fight against those who hurt the land. He prefers to live in the desert and is a speedy burrower.

Dead Mama
She is a ghostly spirit who is believed to have lost her children in a horrific manner, as her soul will not rest. She has a haunting wail and has a habit of hurling objects. Though she can make herself invisible she prefers to scare people with her terrifying visage. She is a protector of children and will punish those who hurt them.

The Dunwoody
Little is known about the man who calls himself The Dunwoody. Dressed in a monk’s attire, he’s believed to have traveled from Bhutan. He is dark, enigmatic, and speaks very little. He can create a mystical barrier around himself for protection and can hurl balls of that same energy with stunning results.

A well-known actor and political activist, Gary Caddly from Hollywood, California, did anything in his power to stir up trouble and controversy, in a misguided attempt to both make a better name for himself and to right wrongs. Finally he angered the wrong people and he was kidnapped, tortured, and used for scientific experiments. Left for dead in a shallow grave, whatever was done to him did not kill him, but it did change him! Now, his mind races as he is fueled with constant kinetic energy. He can shrink his body to four inches in size and can fly at great speeds with the ability to release a stinging sensation when he makes physical contact.

Misty and Buttercup
Two beautiful sisters who are half-human and half-demon! They are emotional vampires who travel the world living a life of luxury and leisure. Misty is a platinum blond who can feel the emotions of others as well as induce and control their emotional states. She can transform her body into the shape of a white cat or a dove. Buttercup is a brunette and can make males who find her attractive fall under her emotional and mental control. She can store up emotional masculine energies and release them at others in the form of painful mind blasts. Both have enhanced strength, but prefer to avoid physical encounters.

Keniesha Powell is a copy editor from Washington DC with a true photographic memory. She can remember anything she sees, hears or reads, and her ability to store and retrieve the information like a living computer makes her a valuable asset to those seeking information.

This being is a living skeleton that wanders the Earth pulled along by unknown forces. He often shows himself to those who are close to impending danger to announce cryptic warnings of what is to come!

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