Sunday, 20 June 2010


Notifications have been sent out, here's the TOC:


Uprising - Michael C. Lea

When Good Men Do Nothing - Jeremy Varner

Slow Goth And St. North - Patrick D’Orazio

A Light In The Darkness - Mark M. Johnson

Picking Up The Pieces - Carey Burns

The Sidekicks - Scott Voss

The Gunpowder Plot - David R. Roberts

The Half Of It - Frank Byrns

A Crisis Of Purpose - Jeremy Whitley

The Rebirth Of Farmer - Matt Nord

The Nightwatch - Chad Williamson

B Team - Richard Marsden

Malady’s End - Trent Lysander

Dove Without Wings - Olivia Berrier


Congrats go out to everyone who made it in. The selection process for this was REALLY tough. Generally speaking, there were some very very good stories that didn't make the cut, purely based on space in the book, whether that/those character(s) were already used, or overused, and also continuity.

Of course, it's practically impossible with something like this to guess or organise continuity before or even during the submissions process, so I guess it was a bit of pot luck in that respect (Bill and I wanted to see what everyone came up with on their own, with only our prompts to guide them).

I'll be in touch with everyone who was accepted soon about continuity issues, and general editing bits and bobs.

As a sort-of taster, these are some of the characters who feature most prominently in the book:

St North and Dr Pustual (of course), Goatman, Crisis, The Canadian, Evil Penguin, and Nykee, with a bunch of other characters getting cameos, walk-on parts, and so forth. I honestly think we've got a decent little universe here, and hope it does well when it gets published (publication date is still TBA).

Wayne xxx

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